Friday, 3 February 2012

praktikal pny hal~

Salam wahai readers..

ok ekceli saya da seminggu 3hari menjalani latihan industri aka trainee at Robert Bosch,Bayan Lepas,Penang.
emm..perasaan..so far ok ok la..but really tired loo..hukhuk..

i'm taking accountancy as my course but they gave me facility maintenance department not accounting department..1st of all i felt so regret because chosen dis company..n i'm always thinking that my duty was not related with my course n ofcoz i dun know how to write the report soon. but, i'm really thankful to my beloved lecturer Mr.Atef because gave me the precious advice n shared with us the article which it made me realized that the importance of multi tasking job. nowadays, multi tasking job is really important for fresh graduate like me..

okok..stop merapu in english..hehe..kerja saya more related to key in data into the system. Robert Bosch used SAP system.but,plis dun ask me SAP stand for what..becoz i also dunknow..keh3~lom abes nuntut lagi..so far saya kena key in purchase requisition that made by our 3 executive engineers. then a bit about invoice which i need to key in invoice data to excel to make budget for facility maintenance dept soon. ada jugak kerja admin yg lain. but ada 1duty yg paling saya xska iaitu received o make a call..cyesly benci..sbbnya my english is not very well..but since Robert Bosch is international company, so i need to speak in English with my colleagues or permanent staff..but sometimes some words or terms that used by staff or my engineer were so difficult n its hard for me to catch it up..back to the call story,sometimes i intend to avoid the call n lets my partner Juanita received it..dia salu marah saya..keh3~sory my dear..

yg bestnye..kilang yg saya praktikal ni amek ramai trainee..n almost of them were hensem guys..teehheee..so,everyday i do jamu mata..noty rite..hehe..pape pon saya suka berkawan dengan mereka suma..

thats a bit about my internship programme which sometimes quite bored plus sleepy..


  1. untung nye ad mamat ensem...hehehe

  2. untung la ina kn..hehe..kalo msh single ley r ayat sorg..hehehe