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it started with a kiss synopsis

seperti yang dijanjikan..ini adalah synopsis drama 'it started with a kiss'.saya terjumpa dalam blog sesorg..(mohon share yea)

starring: ariel lin as Yuan Xiang Qin
                   Joe Cheng as Jiang Zhi Shu

Xiang Qin (Ariel Lin) finds herself liking this super genius guy (Joe Cheng) Zhi Shu after hearing him render a speech in front of entire school. Since then she knew he is the one that she truly likes. She made a love letter hoping that one day she would be able to give it to Zhi Shu. 

When that day came, Xiang Qin had the time of her life, Zhi Shu just pass by her while trying to give the letter she made. (so cool err) This became a big joke in their school now everyone knows she likes Zhi Shu who turned her down saying she doesn’t like dumb girls. What made the situation a little exciting (though traumatic for Xiang Qin and A-Cai *her father) is when their house has been damaged by an earthquake. Zhi Shu’s parents happens to watch the sad news on the television and recognize their friend A-cai (he was instrumental to their wedding). They quickly offered him to stay in their house and this is where the fun begins.. 

Surprisingly, the good samaritans who offered her father their house to be their shelter as well happens to be Zhi Shu’s parents. Zhi Shu’s mother likes Xiang Qin so damn much as she always wanted to have a daugther. (Zhi Shu mothers just have 2 sons) Zhi Shu then Yu Shu.

Zhi Shu quickly ordered Xiang Qin to keep their situation a secret… he doesn’t want the school to know that they are living togetha in one roof. But later on this little secret was unfolded by her friends. Using Zhi Shu’s old picture (when he was still small) dressed like a girl, Xiang Qin asked him to tutor him to be able to pass.  Zhi Shu in the light of protecting his image agreed, leading her to pass the school exams.  Their high school life was full of struggle for Xiang Qin to be close to Zhi Shu. Until the graduation party when the top class to which Zhi Shu belongs and F class of Xiag Qin had a clash,  this is where the big (intentional) kiss happened. 

And you know, Zhi Shu is very bright and could easily enter the famous Taiwan University, entered the same school with Xiang Qin.  This period of the drama was filled with twists and turns.  Zhi Shu became close with Zi yi, a classmate who possesses beauty and brains.  The girl turns out to like Zhi Shu a lot and enjoyed the pleasure of being a ‘close friend’ to him.  Xiang Qin after discovering this started to do foolish things to keep an eye to Zhi Shu.  At certain point in college, filled with the need to find himself and be independent, Zhi Shu decided to stay out from their home and live by himself.  His parents initally disagreed on this but later on gave in.

Half past the drama, Zhi Shu returns to their house after learning his father had a heart attack.  He has to take over leading their company (Panda) which he refuses to accept during early part of the drama as he is dreaming of becoming a doctor.  Nearing the climax of the story, Zhi Shu in order to submit himself to what his father is longing for him to accept (that is to take over the company) made a decision to engage himself to the Huilan.  She is the granddaugther to the President of the company they intend to get partnership with.  This move was to make their presence in the market stronger but resulted to a broken hearted Xiang Qin.Towards the end Zhi Shu realized that he has learned to love Xiang Qin. She is the only girl who can truly understand him and be himself all the time.  With a little help from Xiang Qin’s loyal friends, Zhi Shu realized that he can never let A-jin (long time suitor to Xiang Qin) have her. 

The drama ended with a wedding with Xiang Qin dressed as the groom and Zhi Shu in gown. This is to honor a promise that he made to Xiang Qin that he will do anything she wants if her strategy of kneeling down to get forgiveness of Huilan’s grandfather works.

ok!!sila nikmati gambar2 yg sy sajikan ini..so sweettt~


Jiang Zhi Shu & Yuan Xiang Qin

Zhi shu yg dingin!!

Love AR-Joe so damn much!!


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