Saturday, 26 February 2011

snow angel..

sape dlu minat gler ngn cter snow angel??haha
sy minat gler..gler..ngn cte ni..wktu tu form3 ase..taun2004..
so,kt cni sy nk kasi sinopsis kt anda sume yg myb tertanya2 besh sgt ke cte ni..hehe..
yg pasti hero dia, toro sgt la cmey..n lagu sume sedap2..definitely!!!ahaks~
selamat membaca..

IPB Image

IPB Image

IPB Image
On an empty street with no one about, the neon light is still flashing endlessly, shining on an extremely large idol celebrity poster, and this is idol celebrity, Ji Teng's poster. Standing in front of the poster is a young man with confused and desolate emotions shining from his eyes. He stands there unmoving, staring at the poster. This person is not any other person, he is Ji Teng, is the Ji Teng who became an idol star after losing his memory. The Ji Teng at this time is being attacked by all the memories before and after his amnesia. Faced with his own poster, he is unable to determine who he truly is. Who is he exactly? He doesn't know. He just vaguely seems to sense that there is someone who is looking for him. Who this person is, he is also not sure. The only thing that he is sure of is that as long as he can find the snow angel, then all the confusion that is surrounding him will be solved. So, what is snow angel? He also don't know. At this moment, there is a familiar yet also seems strange song that slowly starts to come through his ear… and this song just happens to be "Snow Angel!"

17 years ago…

Eleven years old, Xiao Feng and six years old, Xiao Lei, is a pair of good brothers that took care of each other at "Chun Hui Yuan." After their father, who is addicted to gambling, accidentally kills their beloved mother, he leaves the two brothers at "Ci Hui Zhi Jia" and disappears. On the surface, "Chun Hui Yuan" is a charity organization which specializes in taking care of homeless children that has no where to go, but in actuality, it is an organization that is using the name of "charity" to get fund-raising from the big enterprises and companies. They accept the money from the companies and also secretly pressure the children to do laborious work.

Soon after the death of his beloved wife, the chairman of Yong Ji Enterprise, Qi Jia Shi discovers that his only daughter of four years old, Xue Tong, is closing up herself and no longer speaks any words. Not knowing what to do, he decided to listen to the doctor's recommendation and let Xue Tong have more contact with other children of her age. Therefore, he brought Xue Tong to "Chun Hui Yuan" to see a stage play performed by the children.

The song "Snow Angel" that his mother sang to him when she was still alive left a deep impression on young Xiao Lei. It talked about remembering to pray earnestly on the eve of Christmas to God in hopes of seeing a snow angel. After making a wish to the snow angel, then one’s wishes will come true. His wish is to see his mom. Therefore, on Christmas Eve, before the performance, Xiao Lei goes out to pray to God and unexpectedly meets Xue Tong, who just lost her mother not long ago. For the purpose of seeing their mom, Xiao Lei brings Xiao Xue Tong to look for snow angel. According to the method of the song, he follows the brightest star and starts climbing up.

They didn't find snow angel, because the adults found them first. Xiao Lei and Xiao Xue Tong doesn't know it but at this place, only a mere step away from them, there is a small white flower wrapped in ice, this flower is just the snow angel that they are so desperately looking for.

The president of the charity and the supervisor's ruthlessness and cruelty caused Xiao Feng to decide to take advantage of this raining night and leave with Xiao Lei. On this same raining night, Qi Jia Shi couldn't fight against his daughter's request and comes to pay a visit to Xiao Lei. Who knew that during this raining night, they would mistakenly crash into Xiao Feng and Xiao Lei by the river, who were trying to run away. The two brothers were thrown into the river. Qi Jia Shi risked his life to rescue them. He managed to save Xiao Feng, but was too late in saving Xiao Lei.

The desperate Xiao Feng watches as his beloved younger brother gets washed away in the river by the water. Because of this accident, he becomes Qi Jia Shi's adopted son and after growing up, he's known as Qi Xing Feng. From then on, Xiao Feng has a new family, yet he will lose his beloved brother forever.

Just when he believes that his brother is dead, Xiao Lei, who was washed away by the current in the river, is saved. The one who saved Xiao Lei is a pasture's stable hand, Ji Da Shan and that's how Xiao Lei becomes Ji Da Shan's son, Ji Teng.

At this time, young Xiao Feng and Xiao Lei is not able to predict that not only will fate make these two brothers meet again one day, but they will also become enemies…

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